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Date: 20th June 2016
Diesel Crawler Water Well Drilling Machine
Jining Bafang Mining Machinery Co.,Ltd is one of the leading diesel crawler water well drilling machine manufacturers and suppliers in China,Website:http://www.bafangjixiechang.com, welcome to buy cheap and low price diesel and electric crawler drilling rig made in China from our factory. JK590 Crawler ?Hydraulic Quarry Blast Hole DTH Drilling Rig Advantages 1.Hydraulic DTH Drilling Rig? 2.ISO9001 certificatied? 3.Lower oil consumption? 4.Direct Manufacuturer 5.Fast drilling speed and safe ?operation JK590 Crawler Hydraulic Quarry Blast Hole DTH ?Drilling Rig Product Description JK590 Crawler ?Hydraulic DTH Drilling Rig is an upgraded product of CM358A crawler-type down-hole ?drill,with more improved function and ?more reliable performance. JK590 ?internal combustion(JK590D electric) Crawler Hydraulic DTH Drilling ?Rig ?is equipped with diesel engine (electromotor) ---- hydraulic oil ?pump unit as its drive device, and achieves the supporting movements such as ?rotation, propulsion, lifting, moving, pivotangle orientation of hydraulic oil ?cylinder through hydraulic motor. When the JK590 is doing drilling works, only ?DTH impacter will consume the compressed air. Compared with whole-pneumatic drilling rig, the air displacement of matched air compressor is reduced by 30% ?to 50%, and the consumption of energy (fuel or electricity) is 40% to 50% ?during operation. ?The JK590 internal ?combustion(JK590 Electric)is a crawler-type hydraulic down-hole drill, mainly ?used in drilling and blasting task, such as water and electricity project, ?open-cast mining, construction of roads and national defense project. ?Product Features 1. Chassis. The ?originally imported walking motor possesses high gradeability to drive the air ?compressor. 2. Drive device. Yuchai ?70KW turbocharge engine is featured by the strong power and easy maintenance. 3. Turn-around machine. ?Large rotary torque, the unconsolidated layer is not easily sticking, high ?pore-forming rate. 4. Control console. ?Centralized control console provides convenient operational control of drilling ?rig 5. Propulsion mechanism. ?Double locked hydraulic machinery not just guaranteed the stable high torque ?output of hydraulic motor, its service life also greatly extended. 6. Multi-angle ?functional drilling arm is possessed with wide scope of the drilling angle. It is able to drill the horizontal hole, forward and backward dip angle hole as ?well as the lateral dip angle hole. JK590(D) ? ?Main technical parameters Drilling diameter (?90??165)mm Drilling depth 50m Changing rod length 3.5m Working air ? ?pressure 1.2-2.4MPa blast ? ?consumption bore ? ?diameter??115 ? ?by 11.3m3/min(1.4MPa) bore ? ?diameter??140by 13m3/min(1.4MPa) bore ? ?diameter??165 by 17m3/min(1.4MPa) bore ? ?diameter??140by 21m3/min(2.4MPa) bore ? ?diameter??165 by 25m3/min(2.4MPa) Drill ? ?arm swing angle (?) ?45 Maximum inclinable angle of ? ?sliding framework 180? Moving ? ?speed (dual-speed) 2km/h; 3km/h Gradeability 24? Engine type Internal combustion 70KW Electric 30kW Outer size(length X ? ?width X height) (6900?2200?2200)mm ? ? ?(transportation state) Weight 6500KGS dusting method?apolegamy? wet-type ? ?hydraulic