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Date: 20th June 2016
1000m Core Drilling Machine
Jining Bafang Mining Machinery Co.,Ltd is one of the leading 1000m core drilling machine manufacturers and suppliers in China,Website:http://www.bafangjixiechang.com, welcome to buy cheap and low price 1000m core drilling rig made in China from our factory. Geological ?exploration drilling rig XYD-180 Static sounding ?Overview: Static sounding ?using hydraulic pressure of the probe at a constant rate into the soil, suitable for soft soil, clay soil, the old clay, loess, sand and other soil ?formation testing using the probe and soil resistance generated when the ?contact resistance by changing signals, transmitted to the ground measuring ?instruments, carry out civil construction, municipal, roads, foundation soil in ?situ test to identify stratigraphic changes in vertical and horizontal ?directions, the mechanical stratification, used to determine the natural ?foundation bearing capacity and estimated pile capacity; the possibility of ?discrimination liquefied sand; determining soft soil undrained shear strength; ?provide soft soil bearing capacity and slope stability calculation indices. Introduction: The rig is static ?sounding machine installed in the crawler rig, in front of the rig (according ?to user needs to match different types of drilling rigs), followed by static ?sounding machine, to achieve a multi-purpose machine, our research and ?development company based on market needs of new products. It has the following ?advantages: 1. The whole ?machine is compact structure, reasonable layout. Full use of the original 180 ?crawler rigs idle space, two models, both functions, the same base chassis, ?mutual non-interference. 2. high with ?engineering crawler chassis, carrying capacity, can load the drill pipe, drill, ?probe, anchor and other tools, on-site relocation convenient. 3. OW outrigger ?cylinder stroke 1500mm, static inner cylinder size 2700mm, automatic loading. 4. Since the rig ?and static sounding machine Both models use the same base chassis, the same ?track chassis, low production costs for our customers significant savings in ?equipment investment. 5. The same ?static sounding machine chassis, can match different models 130,180,200 rig according to user needs. Technical ?parameters: Rated penetration force: 150kN rated pulling force: ?200kN Penetration rate: 1.2 ? 0.3m / min pulling speed: 0.9 ?~ 1.8m / min Working stroke: 500mm Engine: cloud YN27 diesel power: 39kW Speed: 2400rpm Track Specifications: rubber track / steel track 300 ?? 100 ? 51? Walking speed: 0-3Km / h Climbing ability: ??30 ? 6.Hydraulic ?system:Gear pumps: Rated speed: 2500r / min rated pressure: 20MPa Multi-way valve: multi-valve 7.Work capacity ?and allow the tank temperature Tank: ?60L Maximum ambient temperature: 40 ? Minimum ?ambient temperature: -20 ? Engine water temperature:<90 ? hydraulic ?oil temperature: <65 ? Outrigger cylinder: Bore D: 100mm rod diameter: 70mm ?stroke: 1500mm Machine size (mm): 3062 ? 1800 ? 2612 (L ? W ? H)